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Feeling Unfit & Inflexible?

  • Stressed from work & constantly tired?
  • Does it affect everyday life and activities?
  • Frustrated that you feel older than your years?
  • Feeling stiff & struggling with aches and pains every day?

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Fed Up With Back Pain?

  • Fed up with dealing with back ache?
  • Confused about how to improve your posture?
  • New to exercise (don’t think you can keep up)?
  • Suffering with aches & pains caused by sitting at a desk all day?

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1to1 Pilates Reformer

  • Suffered from back ache for a while?
  • Fed up with it affecting everyday activities?
  • Feel afraid to move in case it get worse?
  • Want to be more active and healthy but don’t know what to do?

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Workplace Wellness

  • Struggling to fit exercise into your life with work?
  • Lose productivity after lunch?
  • Back aches & pains from sitting too long?
  • Confused about how to improve your health & wellbeing?

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Latest News

Think yoga before you even get out of bed!

Do you find that getting out of bed in the morning is sometimes the most difficult part of the day. Wish you didn’t need to roll out of bed because of your back? We encourage you to stay a little longer in bed, and use these poses to help make your transition...

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Yoga For A Better Night’s Sleep

1st March 2017 – 10minute Yoga Sequence for a Better Night’s Sleep It might have been a busy or stressful day that’s keeping you awake at night, excitement about the day ahead (or just too many sweets / sugar before bedtime!). Whatever the cause, a...

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