Harmony Holistics

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Holistic Treatments with Harmony Holistics

Reflexology – a non-instrusive complementary health therapy based on the theory that pressure points on the feet correspond with areas of the body. Beneficial in alleviating stress and treating symptoms of illness

Massage – Swedish back, neck & shoulders / Hot Stone back, neck & shoulders

Reiki – a healing technique which channels energy into the patient by means of touch which activates the natural healing process of the body to restore physical and emotional well-being

Facials – including:

Dermalift – facial lifting and contouring – facial muscles are lifted and toned, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and facial contours are toned. This system uses timed pulses of micro-currents to gently stimulate the facial muscles.

Vitamin C Eye Treatment – reduce fine lines and dark circles by infusing vitamin C to the eye area using the Dermalift technology and Vitamin C eye masks.

Dermalift with Boto-Fusion or Caviar luxurious facials – in conjunction with the Dermalift machine, you can further enhance your facial by adding ski specific treatment ampules and masks. After your contouring facial experience a 15min facial massage with treatment ampule followed by skin specific mask.

Sonopeel – an ultrasonic peeling and regenerating facial, ideal to rejuvanate skin with the changing seasons. AHA skin peels assist in lifting dead skin cells in conjunction with this highly moisturising treatment leaving skin revitalised.

Diamond Dermabrasion – exfoliate the outer layer of the epidermis, deep cleanse of pores, stimulates blood circulation and boosts collagen production.

Genisis – combined ultrasound and light therapy facial which will be tailored for your skin type. The Ultrasound element of this facial increases blood circulation and plumps the skin from within. The Light Therapy is tailored for specific skin types or disorders and penetrates the skin’s different depths treating the epidermis, dermis and underlying tissues.

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