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Whilst our physical doors may be closed, we are excited to announce that all our classes – with our Local Expert Instructors – are still going on each and every week ONLINE – so no need to miss out on your favourite class or have an excuse not to exercise!

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Feeling Unfit & Inflexible?

  • Stressed about to working from home & juggling life?
  • Overwhelmed and anxious about the coming months ahead?
  • Feeling older than your years right now?
  • Struggling to switch off at night and not getting a full night’s sleep?

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Fed up with Back Pain?

  • Fed up with dealing with back ache and joint stiffness?
  • Confused about how to improve your posture?
  • New to exercise (and don’t think you can keep up?
  • Been told to start Pilates but don’t know where to start?

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Working out at home?

  • Need to keep active at home during this strange time?
  • Struggle to make the times of our classes?
  • Want some exercise that fits with your day?
  • Need some variety in your exercise routine?

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Award Winning Studio with Local, Expert Instructors

Established in 2016, Yogomotiv Pilates, Yoga & Wellness Studio are leading experts at helping your body last a lifetime

With our clients front and centre of all we do, every client is treated as an individual – and one of the family – which is one of the reasons why we were finalists in 2019 for Service Excellence and recent winners of the Best Customer Service Award 2020

Workplace Wellness

  • Struggling to fit exercise into your life with work?
  • Lose productivity after lunch?
  • Back aches & pains from sitting too long?
  • Looking for a way to look after your team whilst working remotely?

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Client Success Stories

About our Online Pilates Classes :

Today’s was ace, it wasn’t just the fact that I got to do my favourite Pilates, it was also that I got to connect with the lovely people from the sessions. A real soul boaster!


It was such a great session!

Thank you for all of the arrangements that you, Carly, Lorraine and the rest of the team have put in to place to enable us to access this – it really is a lifeline at the moment – Namaste


I just wanted to say a big thank you for finding a way to keep our yoga classes happening, even if in a different format! It really is helping to keep my sanity with the lovely Carly and the rest of the group, knowing I’ve got my yoga to keep me going :).


Many thanks for setting this up. You ( & tech) are brilliant. A little grab of semi normality in an increasingly weird world. Good start to a lovely day of warming sunshine and lovely to feel connected – smile on my face & a positive outlook for the rest of the day.


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