Meet our Teachers

Hannah Collis

 mat pilates teacher 

Hannah’s pilates classes focus on functional movement and tapping into the strength of our own bodies. Her classes are inventive, creative and playful proving that you can work hard whilst having fun; her passion and vibrant personality make for an uplifting environment and she creates a collaborative approach to achieving goals by helping students see a strong and steady progression in their pilates practice. By starting simple and allowing the space to build and progress, Hannah ensures that you leave her classes feeling accomplished and strong no matter what level you are at.

Socials :

Instagram : Hannah Collis

You can find Hannah teaching:

Monday : 10:45am

[Pilates] Healthy Backs

Wednesday : 930am

[Pilates] Beginners / Improvers

Thursday : 540pm

[Pilates] Healthy Backs

Justina Banks

mat pilates / reformer pilates teacher

Justina’s profile – coming soon!

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Instagram : 

You can find Justina teaching:

Monday : 7pm

[Reformer] Small Group

Wednesday : 540pm

[Reformer] Small Group


Kate Grassick-Whitby

yoga teacher

Kate’s classes aim to make yoga accessible to all, her gentle flows often incorporate meditation and pranayama and offer the space for stillness and mental clarity. She recognises the incomparable mental benefits of mindful movement, particularly in her own postpartum journey and wants to share simple tools to help relieve daily stress and anxieties. Kate guides you through anatomy focused flows with patience and encouragement, ultimately offering a space for respite and relaxation.

Socials :

FB : KateGWYoga Instagram : KateGWYoga

You can find Kate teaching:

Kate will be returning to our timetable in August on her return from maternity leave

Kelly Yeates

mat pilates / reformer pilates teacher

Coming soon ……….

You can find Kelly teaching:

Thursday : 930am

[Reformer] L1

Friday: 930am

[Pilates] Beginners & Beyond

Saturday : 9am

[Reformer] Beginners

Kelly Ward

yoga teacher / sound therapy 

Kelly turned to yoga as a gentle form of movement after a car accident prevented her from high impact exercise, having a yoga practice allowed her to reclaim and reconnect with her sense of self and identity and her classes offer you the space to do the same. Her vinyasa flows offer a full body approach by incorporating strong postures and breathwork that leave you feeling centred and grounded, ultimately guiding you on the path back to your body. Kelly combines the mental and physical to create a total sense of wellbeing and to offer you a mindful experience through yoga, sound and holistic therapies.

Socials :

FB : Harmony Holistics     Instagram : Harmony Holistics       Website : coming soon

You can find Kelly teaching:

Tuesday : 8pm

[Yoga] Aromatherapy Relax & Restore

Wednesday : 7am

[Yoga] Rise Shine Yoga Flow

Thursday : 10am

[Yoga] Beginners & Beyond

Friday : 6pm

[Yoga] Weekend Wind Down

Saturday : 10am

[Yoga] Weekend Wake-Up

Last Sunday of month : 10am

[Yoga] Vin to Yin

Safiyyah Hanif

yoga teacher

Safiyyah’s yoga classes promote positivity and improve confidence in your unique body and ability. Her warmth and enthusiasm support you through your own mental and physical practice and invite you to feel present and intentional both on and off the mat.  Her playful and creative flows include variations to suit every level and the comfortable environment that she creates will encourage you through gentle yet powerful movements. The beautiful blend of movement and meditation throughout her classes will leave you feeling energised, uplifted and inspired.

Socials :

Instagram : Lumie Yoga

You can find Safiyyah teaching:

Wednesday : 540pm

[Yoga] Slow Flow

Sarah Ramasamy

pilates teacher / exercise therapy 

Sarah is the founder and owner of Yogomotiv studio. With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry she has a wealth of knowledge and after undergoing a hip replacement she recognised that there is a gap in the industry for those who are post rehabilitation. She passionately believes that no matter how dysfunctional or broken your body may feel, there is always an option for you and her experience and understanding make the studio a safe and comfortable place to explore your personal relationship with your body. Her motto and reason behind Yogomotiv is ‘helping your body last a lifetime’ and she believes that yoga and pilates play an integral role in this. Sarah’s pilates classes are technical and focused ensuring that you are moving with purpose and allowing you the space to understand your body without any intimidation; every class with Sarah is a shared journey where you will work together to find ways to feel good in your body again.

You can find Sarah teaching:

Monday : 7am [Pilates] Rise, Shine & Stretch / 540pm [Reformer] L1

Tuesday : 930am [Pilates] Core Strength / 1045am [Reformer] L1/2 / 540pm [Pilates] Beginners / 650pm [Pilates] Core Challenge

Wednesday : 945am [Reformer] Gentle Mobility / 650pm [Pilates] Beginners & Improvers

Thursday : 7am [Pilates] Rise, Shine & Stretch / 8pm [Pilates] Healthy Backs

Saturday : 9am [Pilates] Healthy Backs / 10am [Reformer] / 11am [Reformer]