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What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Both are celebrated for their numerous health benefits. From connection to the body, stress relief, developing flexibility and strength to control and endurance. You’ll read countless different ways to explain this if you spend a couple of minutes on google. But we’ll try keep it simple:

Yoga : uses breath, movement and meditation to unite mind, body and spirit. It can also add some philosophy and science into the mix. Classes can range from nurturing to active, relaxing to challenging. With all the different styles, there really is a yoga class out there for everyone!

What you need to know : you’ll move around the mat from standing to lying (maybe more than once!). It will work on your balance, strength, flexibility and help you to relaxation. Classes end with ‘Savasana’ (guided relaxation). If you’re feeling stiff and want to get moving more, you might be better off starting with Yoga. 

Pilates : was created by Joseph Pilates (an anatomist and mechanical genius). It uses very specific, targeted exercises to improve strength, flexibility and posture. It does have a particular focus on the core.

What you need to know : some classes start standing, others on the floor. There’s less moving around than in yoga. You’ll focus on individual exercises or muscles, one group at a time. Exercises tend to be done either lying down, sitting or kneeling. If getting up and down off the mat puts you off, you might be better starting with Pilates. Often recommended by doctors for back or joint pain.

Check out our class descriptions and levels for more information. Still unsure, email sarah@yogomotiv.com and she’ll help guide you to the right class.


What is the difference between Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates?

Both focus on moving in a slow, controlled way to help strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase flexibility.


Mat Pilates

Reformer Pilates

You create resistance using your body weight (and sometimes small equipment) Resistance from the springs gives a greater variety of options (from lighter to stronger)
Much more freedom to move on the mat and YOU work to align your own body without outside assistance or restrictions Shoulder rests and footbar help guide and steady your body. The structure and resistance can help exercises be more achievable
Help to improve balance, stability and strength without outside help Helps to improve balance, stability and strength in a supportive position if you’re not able to get there yourself
More challenging for a beginner as you use your body weight as resistance More supportive for a beginner – footbar and springs to push and pull against
Provides the challenge to work against the freedom of movement to find feedback (proprioception) Feedback from shoulder rests and footbar as to how you are sitting or lying on the carriage (essential for balance, muscle coordination and quality of movement)
Can improve balance and core stability quickly as no assistance to get there Get more control, stability and range of movement with use of the springs
Offers greater range of movement as no restrictions Allows safe movement with limited range of movement
Varying resistance and tensions on muscles Regulated resistance and tension on muscles

Mat is for you if you’re looking for:

  • An easily accessible workout you can do anywhere
  • Want to develop some core strength 
  • Feel unfit and want to get moving again
  • Looking to add to an existing workout routine
  • Feeling older than your years
  • Make movement easier

Reformer is for you if you’re looking for:

  • A supported workout to help reduce aches and pains
  • Need to build strength to after injury
  • Work on your flexibility and strength as body is feeling stiff and tight
  • Need a different challenge and want to build full body strength
  • Build a stronger body
  • Find freedom of movement

Check out our class descriptions and levels for more information. Still unsure, email sarah@yogomotiv.com and she’ll help guide you to the right class.


Which class is best for me?

If you’ve read the information above, you’ll want to decide whether it’s Pilates or Yoga you’re looking for. Then, check out the CLASSES page on the website. Here you’ll find the different classes, and levels too, to help you decide. Still not sure, drop us an email sarah@yogomotiv.com and she can help!

I'm a beginner, can you help?

YES! We have plenty of classes for beginners – as we know everyone has to start somewhere – and sometimes starting is the hardest bit. You can also look out for our Beginners courses that we run (check out the dates on our website for the next course) which will help you to get started, build your confidence and ‘learn the moves’.

I'm not very flexible, is it for me?

So, let’s get honest here – you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to start! All of our clients have different levels of fitness and abilities, but that’s the whole point of coming to class. If you could, you might not need to (actually that’s not true either! Nobody ever regretted taking a class!) Take a look at our Yoga & Pilates pages. You’ll see that we have noted the levels of the classes – and whether they are appropriate for total beginners, had a go before or are ready for a challenge. If you’re unsure if it’s right for you, or you want to try a few classes to see, simply try our Welcome Offer – £20 for 2 weeks unlimited access. As you become a little more experienced, you can safely start to expand your classes to help meet your goals – remember everyone somewhere.

I’ve booked my first class……

Where is the studio?

The studio is based in Shenley Church End local centre. We are directly opposite Sainsburys / above Subway / directly next to Good Fella’s Barber Shop. Our entrance is directly next to Good Fella’s – so if you can’t see us, look out for our fab neighbours! And you should find the doorway. Our entrance is tucked away in the corner – all the better for creating a peaceful and relaxing environment too!

Is there parking?

There’s plenty of parking around Shenley Church End local centre. If you can’t find parking directly in front of the studio, turn left past Subway, left again by Ladbrooke’s and head around the back (by Spice Village). You should find plenty of free spaces there as well. Oh, and parking is free too!

What do I wear?

Just wear what you are comfortable in and that you can easily move around in. Leggings or jogging bottoms are a good choice. T-shirts and comfortable work-out tops too. As you can sometimes be moving and other times still, it’s a good idea to wear layers as well. You might want something warm, especially at the end of a Yoga class during relaxation (think warm and cosy!). The room is warm but you’ll be more relaxed if you’re nice and warm too!

I'm pregnant, can I still attend any class?

Firstly, congrats!! Exercise during pregnancy is designed to maintain your fitness levels. As well as help you prepare for birth and beyond,  and requires some adaptations as you progress through your pregnancy. So that we can make sure the classes take this into consideration, we run specific Pregnancy classes for you at this time. This way you get to connect with other mums-to-be and have tailored, specific class for you. Therefore, we ask that you book into one of our pregnancy classes rather than our regular timetabled classes. Also, not all of our instructors are trained in this area in regular classes and we want to ensure your class is a safe pregnancy practice. Please don’t ask us to make an exception! You’ll also need to be more than 14weeks into your pregnancy and have cleared from your health care professional that you’re ok to exercise – other than that, you should be good to go!

Where can I find the health screening form that I need to complete before I attend?

For our regular classes – find the health screening form by following this link: https://form.jotform.com/200864932858365

If you’re attending one of our pregnancy classes, you’ll need to fill out this form (as we need a bit more info!) : https://form.jotform.com/Yogomotiv/Pregnancy-Health-Screening

This information will only be shared with the teacher that is taking your class (so that they are aware of any medical conditions etc). Know that your information will be stored safely. You can check out our Privacy Policy HERE which tells you how we use and store your data.

I’ve got a question……

I'm running late for my class......

We totally understand that LIFE gets in the way – traffic, work, kids – and we’ll try to work with you on this.

For in-studio classes, the front door will be locked at the start of the class so that we can start on time and, during Covid, to ensure that we have followed our health and safety processes to get everyone into the studio. If this happens, and you can, just drop us an email (sarah@yogomotiv.com) to let us know.

If you’re attending online, there may be a little ‘wiggle room’ for us to let you into class. 

Our teachers carefully plan each class with a ‘warm-up/introduction’ and a ‘cool-down/relaxation’ period for safety reasons – so we wouldn’t let you join a class more than 5mins late. 

Please also stay to the end (even if you aren’t up for doing the whole class). Your body and mind both need to properly cool-down, so please don’t skip out on the AMAZING stretch and relaxation that comes at the end of each class! It’s your TREAT to yourself – kind of a ‘self-gift’!

I've booked a class but now can't make it. How do I cancel the class?

As we have limited space, especially in the studio, we kindly ask that you observe our 2hour cancellation window.

You can cancel and reschedule any bookings via the MindBody app – simply log in using your email and password, find your booking and cancel / reschedule.

If you aren’t able to cancel at least 2hours before, you will be charged the class pass. This allows us to accommodate others who may wish to attend if the class is full with a wait list (this may be you another time!). Thanks for understanding!