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Helping Your Body Last A Lifetime……..

The reason we’re here? It’s simple really……….we want to help your body last a lifetime.

Over the past few years, yes, we’ve got older, but life has got busier too. The demands on our time are ever increasing and we are all beginning to feel the toll that this takes on both our body and mind.

Too often we blame our reluctance to learn something new, be able to get up off the sofa without making sounds (we’ve all been there!) or keeping up with the kids on our ever-increasing age . Age is but a number (it really is, honestly!) – and often it’s not our age that lets us down, it’s just that we don’t move enough to keep our bodies going like we used to. We really believe you shouldn’t feel let down by your body – nor do we think you need to run a marathon to say you’re fit and healthy. There’s definitely something in between – and we are making it our mission to you help you find this!

Feeling overwhelmed, struggling to sleep and can’t quite shift that anxious feeling? Lots of us feel this from time to time but just don’t know how to shift it – or simply push it away and try to ignore it. In the ever fast changing world in which we live in, we need to find ways of balancing the fast with the slow – the chance to switch off, slow down and just be. No longer can we just expect this to happen – or ignore it if it doesn’t. Here at Yogomotiv we truly believe that putting yourself first is necessary to be able to look after others. This isn’t selfish – it’s just self:care – and we all need a little of that in our lives.

Our Mission

In everything we do, we believe in challenging ‘I can’t’ – we are crazy enough to believe that ‘you can’ – there’s always a way, even if you can’t see it just yet. We aren’t supposed to feel let down by our bodies – we just need to find a healthy way to navigate our way through life.

Your body CAN last a lifetime – we believe you’re never too old, it’s not too late; there’s always time if you put yourself first – and you don’t have to be able to touch your toes to start. Move more, stress less and learn to enjoy every single second life has to offer.

Our studio is small, inclusive and individual in its approach – and full of people just like you.

Leading the way by inspiring people to move more every day and stop the busy-ness of life getting in the way. Working from the inside out to create the body and life you want to live.

Award Winning Studio with Local, Expert Teachers

Yogomotiv Pilates, Yoga & Wellness Studio are leading experts at helping your body last a lifetime.

With our clients front and centre of all we do, every client is treated as an individual – and one of the family – which is one of the reasons why we were finalists in 2019 for Service Excellence and recent winners of the Best Customer Service Award 2020 and 2020 Pilates Studio of the Year in Buckinghamshire

Our Story

Sarah has worked in the fitness world for over 20 years. International fitness brands, gym chains and boutique studios, and dabbling in teaching every type of group fitness class you can name (you name it, the certificate is probably there somewhere!). Finally, in 2009, Yogomotiv founder Sarah Ramasamy finally found a style of fitness and activity that suited her. Having struggled with a hip disorder since birth, a hip replacement in her 30’s and far too many days floored with back pain. Finding jumping up and down (teaching anything and everything from aerobics to BodyCombat) in class was beginning to take its toll. Not the traditional ‘zen’ person, she had finally found what her body needed – Yoga & Pilates.

It quickly became clear, after using Pilates, and then Yoga, as a pre- and post-rehabilitation workout, that these styles of classes really worked. Spending the next few years exploring and learning more about the body in dysfunction, Sarah realised that this was her calling. Being able to help bodies last a lifetime. Helping clients to not feel let down by their body and finding a way to get them back to living the lives they want to. She truly feels that everyone should have the opportunity to do what they want in life and that the way your body is shouldn’t be a barrier to that. Finding ways to get to the goal is key. It may not be the traditional way that things are done, but there is always a way if you’re willing to look hard enough – and ask the right questions.

Finally, in 2016, the opportunity to open Yogomotiv appeared. Taking all of the experience of over 20 years in the fitness industry, she finally opened the doors to the studio in October (only days after moving to Milton Keynes – so if you find her still not quite knowing her way around, you’ll know why!).

Working alongside health care professionals, and providing an integrated approach is important. Communication, too, is key. So, you’ll always find Sarah asking questions, talking to people who can help, but most of all, listening first to what is going on.

Our Studio

We’ve created a little oasis of calm in the middle of a busy city. Within easy reach from the City Centre, Yogomotiv has a calm, relaxed and welcoming feel – but don’t take our word for it! Check out the photos below – but we’d really love to welcome you to the studio in person – so come and join us for a class, cup of tea or a chat! We’re a friendly bunch!!!

Our Team

Say hello to the team that keep the studio running – from checking you in at Front Desk, booking you into your next class to answering your queries, they’re always on hand to help – all you need to do is say hello!

Sarah Ramasamy

Owner / Founder

Usually found teaching classes, dropping in at the start of Zoom sessions to say hi – or working on ways to help clients in an even bigger way!

Kelly Ward

Holistic Therapist and all-round Studio Star!

You’ll find Kelly behind front desk, teaching a class or two – or making the place smell amazing with her essential oils used in her treatments!

Natalie Young

Karma Crew

You’ll find Natalie helping out around the studio and being very smiley behind front desk when you arrive for class – don’t forget to say hi! 

Our Teachers

We have an amazing team of teachers who are all here to support you to reach your goals. They all have their own teaching styles – but one thing is for sure, they are all passionate about what they do – and helping you reach your goals.Learn a little more about them click on their picture below! Or drop by their class – they’re all super friendly – and ready to answer any questions you have!

Pictures coming soon when we are allowed to get together !!!!!!

Carly Slade

yoga teacher / yoga nidra

Hannah Collis

pilates teacher

Kelly Ward

yoga teacher / sound therapy

There’s a reason why we have TEACHERS and not instructors (or other names that people use to describe what we do). Our teachers give you the knowledge and skills to learn, understand, challenge and progress.

Lisa Chapman

yoga teacher

Lisa Megraw

pilates teacher

Lorraine Hall

yoga teacher

We don’t INSTRUCT – that’s just giving you directions and not helping you understand. We TEACH you the skills so that you can stand on your own two feet (and even one if we are teaching a balance class!) – but we’ll also be there by your side when you need us.

Paula Inch

yoga teacher

Safiyyah Hanif

yoga teacher

Sally Jones

yoga teacher

Could you fill the empty picture?! If you’re interested in joining the team, check out our ‘Work with us’ page found under the ‘Contact Us & Info’ and get in touch!

Sarah Ramasamy

pilates teacher / exercise therapy

The Yogomotiv Difference

The magic of Yoga and Pilates is no longer a secret!! More people are finding Yoga and Pilates after recommendations from their doctor, health care professional or friends who have seen a difference. Sarah saw clients sometimes struggle to get results or find the right class to help rid them of aches and pains or more. They were attending classes which weren’t suited to their goals, especially in their post-rehab journey. Generic classes which just didn’t understand when the body doesn’t work as well as it should. A body in dysfunction is different to one that just isn’t fit.

With more people wanting more than just being able to get by, there was an opportunity for a Yoga & Pilates studio that catered to those who need a class tailored to their needs and not just a generic workout. One with different types of classes to choose from. Catering for certain conditions (like back pain, stress and overwhelm and those recovering from injury) that stop people from being as active as they would like. Where post-rehabilitation is understood and expert Teachers who love to help your body last a lifetime. It was from this that the idea for Yogomotiv was born!