Our Mission – it’s simple really……….we want to help your body last a lifetime

In everything we do, we believe in challenging “I Can’t” – we are crazy enough to believe “You Can” – there’s always a way, even if you can’t see it yet. We believe in challenging the way it’s supposed to be.

Your body can last a lifetime – we believe you’re never too old’ it’s not too late; there’s always time if you put yourself first – and you don’t have to be able to touch your toes to start!

Move more, stress less and learn to enjoy every single second life has to offer.

Our studios are small, inclusive and individual in their approach – and full of people just like you.

Leading the way by dreaming, believing and inspiring people to move more every day and stop the busy-ness of life getting in the way. Working from the inside out to create the body and life you want to live in.

Why choose me to help you?

I am the founder of Yogomotiv where we help people to reduce pain, increase movement and give people back the freedom to get on with living the life they love in a lot less pain, fitter and happier!

I work with professional and self-employed people who struggle with back and joint pain who would like to stand taller, get stronger, move with confidence and be able to lead a normal, active life without being slowed down or stopped by pain or injury.

What separates my services from other Personal Trainers and Pilates Instructors is that I understand that you really want to be able to run and be more active rather than struggle to stand and walk. You know that you need to take a sensible approach and want a program that takes into account your specific issues and lifestyle. With over 20years experience of getting people fitter, stronger and leaner whilst standing and walking taller, I can draw on a wealth of knowledge, personal experience and understanding to choose the right approach for you.

Because of this our clients receive support and guidance from someone who has actually been there to help achieve their goals, reduce pain and increase their energy and vitality for life.


Sarah Ramasamy
Sarah Ramasamy
Director & Founder

As a result of following our programs and classes, clients experience life-changing results. They surpass their own expectations and what they believed was once impossible. They discover that they can achieve so much more than they ever imagined.

Why I help people suffering from life limiting pain
To help you understand what led me to work with people suffering from life limiting pain, I really need to tell you what happened to me as a child – and which eventually led me to the most rewarding career I could ever think of having.

At birth, I was diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) – a condition where the hip doesn’t develop or function properly. I was lucky to have been diagnosed at birth, which allowed doctors to try and treat the condition from a few months after birth. 5 major operations later before the age of 16 at Alder Hey Childrens Hospital, spending over 12 months off school and learning to walk three times over, I was discharged from hospital and told only to come back when I couldn’t walk. Doctors explained that my condition would worsen over time and eventually the hip would no longer be able to support me and I would have to have the joint replaced and to think myself lucky if I reached the age of 30 before this would happen.

During my early years, exercise and sport wasn’t really encouraged – swimming and cycling were given the “thumbs up” but that was about it. Given that there is only so much time you can spend in the pool and the fact that I fall off bikes with stabilisers on them, neither of these enthused me much! Aged 18, and the start of the fitness revolution, I eventually persuaded my parents to allow me to attend classes at our local leisure centre – and the rest is history. Whilst I still suffered from back and joint pain (some days were worse than others), because I loved it so much, I still carried on. I’ve battled through the days with pain but also had days of relief from the discomfort by simply keeping moving.

I’ve now spent over 20 years jumping, leaping, kicking and running around a studio – and have loved every minute of it! Despite being told that I wouldn’t be able to exercise, I discovered that with the right training program, building strength and flexibility, almost anything can be achieved.

Now, almost 5 years after a total hip replacement, I’m fitter, stronger and much more active than I ever dreamt possible. I’ve discovered that there is a life away from pain and that anything is possible! Careful planning is required to ensure that the approach is right and that the journey away from life-limiting pain is swift enough for you to see results but long enough that life changing habits are formed.

The exact same techniques I used to get my own body back to full function are what you’re about to discover inside the walls of Yogomotiv’s studios. My “big why”, the thing that gets me out of bed every morning, is to deliver these techniques to all those people who suffer from issues that can be resolved from being stronger, fitter and standing taller so that no one else has to think that they can’t move freely without pain. We need to keep the world fit, healthy and inspired … and my job is to play a part in that.