Virtual Studio

– no longer have to leave your home to attend your favourite classes – 


Online Livestream Classes

One thing to thank 2020 for? Livestream classes! Before, if you were late home from work or  struggled with childcare, or weather stopped you leaving the house, then you had to miss your favourite class. Now, no need. All of our classes on our regular timetable are now streamed live via Zoom.

Just like attending the class at the studio, find a quiet spot at home, roll out your mat and log on. You can chat live to the teacher and all the other class members too. It’s as if you were there without the stresses of getting in the car to come to class.

Simply book online via MindBody and select the ONLINE option for the class that you want to attend.

At 8am for morning classes and 5pm for evening classes, you’ll receive the zoom code for the meeting. Log in up to 10mins before to chat, check-in and settle down and you’re good to go!

On:Demand Videos

Missed your favourite class? Or the time simply doesn’t work for you right now? Then get access to our Y:OD membership site with all of our memberships (access levels depend on the membership type you have).

With over 400 recorded classes with all of your favourite Yogomotiv teachers. No longer do you have to log into YouTube and take a chance on a class that might not be for you. Know that the class style you love is the other side of the screen. 

Want to try a new style of class? Then you can log in to see a typical class and get an idea of what you are in for!

Also, new for 2021, is the wellness project. During 2021, we will be launching new projects that can help support your health and wellness alongside regular Yoga & Pilates – watch out for the first ones coming in January 2021.