Made a New Year’s resolution this year? When it comes to resolutions, there’s usually one thing missing – the willpower to carry it out.
Did you know willpower only accounts for 4% of what it takes to make a change? No wonder it never works. So when you hit mid-January and the motivation has gone…..what do you do?
Here’s our guide to making 2017 the LAST year you have to make those resolutions – because this year you will make it!
1. Start with small steps.……setting smaller, more achievable goals will help. Taking on too much is a common reason why so many New Year’s Resolutions fail. Dramatically slashing calories, over-doing it at the gym, or radically altering your normal behaviour are certain ways to derail your plans. Instead, focus on taking tiny steps that will ultimately help you reach your larger goal.
2. Avoid repeating past failures.………if you’re goal is the same as last year (and you just didnt get it), remember this. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. You’re going to have to do something different than you did last time to make the change happen.
3. Remember change is a process………..it can take 21 days to create a habit through consistent action. You’re going to have to work on the change over time. Stick with it and you will get there.
4. Don’t let small stumbles let you down………see this as a chance to learn. Find out why you ‘stumbled’ and what you could do differently next time. Failure is not a bad thing……..it took 10,000 attempts to make a lightbulb – that wasn’t 9,999 failures, just 9,999 ways not to make it. Get it?!
5. Get support from a friend.………nobody achieves greatness on their own. Everyone has some help along the way and resolutions are no different. It’s much easier to see what’s not working for someone else than for yourself – and its easier to give motivation than to try and find it within yourself. Make sure you have someone to cheer you on when you feel a little down – and to celebrate the wins with…..it makes it all a little easier.