Do you find that getting out of bed in the morning is sometimes the most difficult part of the day. Wish you didn’t need to roll out of bed because of your back?
We encourage you to stay a little longer in bed, and use these poses to help make your transition between sleeping and waking that much bettere………..

Here’s 4 poses that could help you get out of bed with a spring rather than a roll…….

unknown-8        images-2     Wind relieving pose                                                           Reclined Bound Angle Pose

images-3                       unknown-9

Belly Twist Pose                                                                  Savasana

(Just a note – so that we don’t get in trouble with your boss – keep your eyes open in Savasana and focus on the body so you don’t fall back asleep!!!)

Need some help with these postures? Come to class early – all of our instructors are around before class starts to help answer questions!